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  • <span>WORK Inc. </span> <strong>Meaningful Jobs Initiative</strong>

    WORK Inc. Meaningful Jobs Initiative

    We are excited to announce that The May Institute in collaboration with WORK Inc. was awarded a two-year grant to train individuals with ASD to enter the robust Security Industry field. 
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  • <span>WORK Inc. </span> <strong>Charitable Giving Initiative</strong>

    WORK Inc. Charitable Giving Initiative

    WORK INC. Announces it's newly formed
    Charitable Giving Initiative for 501c(3) Organizations.

    Work Inc. will award grants to 501 C ( 3 ) Organizations whose mission it is to advance social service and humanitarian projects centered around the principle of improving the lives of individuals.

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  • <span>D-CAP</span> <strong>Dorchester Career Access Points</strong>

    D-CAP Dorchester Career Access Points

    Access Points are NEW extensions of the
    Massachusetts One Stop Career Centers in Boston.
  • <span>Welcome</span> to <strong>WORK Inc.</strong>

    Welcome to WORK Inc.

    Nationally recognized as a pioneer in developing community based programs for individuals with disabilities, WORK Inc. is New England’s leading agency providing the skills and supportive services needed to help people with disabilities achieve their career goals.

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Programs & Services

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WORK Inc. provides a wide range of services for our community, we can accommodate the needs of anyone who requires employment services, housing or day habilitation. For over 45 years we have been at the forefront of vocational services for individuals with disabilities; it is our mission to join with others in creating conditions under which all persons with disabilities will thrive.


Family Support Services


Welcome to the WORK Inc. Family Support Center! Our center is designed specifically to connect families and individuals with a wide range of services and community based events and activities. To do this, we help navigate the complex Social Security entitlement system as well as other benefits screening to eventually promote the achievement of substantial employment.

Commercial Services

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Adaptability best describes the WORK Inc. production centers.  Regardless of quantity we can assign the personnel required to finish your job on time and on budget. Whether a customer contracts for labor fulfillment, business services or industrial component manufacturing WORK Inc. will provide all the needed resources to complete the job and allow you, our customer, to concentrate on other aspects of your business.