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Board of Directors


Board of Directors
WORK Inc. is led by an 11 member board of directors – people who are committed to lending their professional talents and expertise to the shared vision and mission of the organization. The agency benefits from their diverse backgrounds and interests, as well as their dedication to helping the organization grow and develop. While some board members represent the general business community (banking, law, insurance, finance, business owner), other are family members who bring their unique perspective to the decision making process. 

Office Board Member
Chairman James R. Flanagan
Vice Chairman Philip Dould
Director (CEO) James Cassetta
Treasurer (CFO) David Anderson (non-voting)
Asst. Treasurer Philip Carver
Clerk Mary Lou Driscoll
Director Arthur Connelly
Director Henry Levin, Esq.
Director Donald McNally
Director Donald Uvanitte
Director Tackey Chan
Director Frank Zona