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Boston Public Schools

"The Work Inc. Family Support Center provides assistance, education, and social activities for many Boston Public Schools students and families. As a Community Connection Facilitator, the Work Inc. Family Support Center is an outstanding support system; they continue to be a collaborative partner in my work to support students and families within the City of Boston. I am always appreciative of the hard work and dedication of the Work Inc. staff." Diane M. Campbell, Ed.D. Boston Public Schools  

WORK Inc. Human Rights Committee

“In January I attended a meeting of the Human Rights Committee … I was impressed by the mission of the Human Rights Committee and how strongly they believe in training staff about individuals who receive services through WORK Inc. and witnessed how passionate the staff is are about respecting human rights to improve the quality of life of all individuals, I decided [right then] that I would love to become more involved in your mission. Please let me know if there is any additional information that you need from me. It was a pleasure meeting you.”   Paula McDonald, Family member

Family Support Center

“Family Support Center of WORK Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides jobs for people with Special needs and has been active for many years. The support Family Support Center involves the family in every aspect of the person’s needs by informing them on the progress made and takes into consideration the family in a holistic manner. Thumbs up for the joy seen by people with Special needs for the social activities provided by the center, I just want my friends to know about this place located at 25 Beach Street Dorchester, MA 02122.”  Ivanhoe Campbell, Family member

Family Support Center

Dear Tuan,
“The various trainings, workshops and social events held by the Family Support Center at WORK Inc. brings family and friends together. We have seen everyone grow and respect one another! I have seen individuals light up, participate, and engage in conversation. Seeing individuals express their hopes and ideas with enthusiasm is rewarding! This is beneficial and meaningful to families as you said. I hope this is helpful to you and I would be pleased for you to use a few words of mine. On a personal level I have seen Donna engage and express herself more in general in the home! She can become very enthused, and I have benefited from being more aware of her needs and those she is in contact with.” 

My best,

Nancy Nelson, Family member