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The WORK Inc. Charitable Giving Initiative

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WORK INC.’s mission is advancing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and providing supports to help individuals realize this dream. To build upon our success we realize the importance of advancing ideas, supporting organizations, and charitable programs outside of our primary mission focus to broaden, support, and advance innovative Social Service needs and programs not serviced by, but complimentary to, our primary focus.


WORK INC. awards grants to 501 C ( 3 ) Organizations whose mission it is to advance social service and humanitarian projects centered around the principle of improving the lives of individuals. Of particular interest are projects and programs which advance principles that support this theme as well as other innovative programs which address broader societal problems such as: wounded service veterans and supports for their families, barrier and access issues particularly for people with disabilities, programs that are focused on correcting a wrong, Projects that improve lives of the handicapped and disabled, and community based charitable giving that address a very specific family and individual requirement.


To request consideration for your Charitable Foundation please do the following:


•Fill out the Foundation Grant application accessible on this web page

•Submit the application and the required documents as noted in the application

•Once submitted WORK INC. will notify you on the outcome of your application

•Our Grants are typically one time annual grants however, we do consider charitable pledge funding over longer periods than one year


Grant Award Levels:

•Level 1 - $500

•Level 2 - $1,000

•Level 3 - $1,500

•Level 4 - $2,000

•Level 5 - $2,500

•Level 6 - $5,000


Please fill out the below Grant Application and send either by email or a paper copy to the addresses below: