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Americorps Financial Support Services

Would you like your taxes done for FREE!?

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AmeriCorps Financial Empowerment Services at WORK Inc can help!

FREE tax preparation if you earn under $50,000 per year

Credit advising

Financial coaching

Social Security disability benefits review 




1. Social Security card or ITIN for you, your children, and/or spouse

2. Proof of health insurance (1099 HC or health insurance card(s))

3. All W-2 Forms

4. All 1099 Forms (1099G and 1099R)

5. All 1098T Forms (tuition, books, and/or materials)

6. 1098-E (student loan interest paid)

7. Total childcare expenses (Prior Year), name, address,  EIN or SSN of childcare provider

8. Total Rent paid in Prior Year

9. Any mail from the IRS

10. IF POSSIBLE, a copy of your  prior tax year Federal and/or Massachusetts  tax returns


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Dates to be announced for 2018 Tax Season


   For further information, check out www.bostontaxhelp.org   To schedule an appointment, call (617) 691-1890 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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